Settling Fireplace Repair

This fireplace chimney was settling at the base, causing the firebox floor to fall, as you can see from these pictures, we removed the bricks and put support under firebox, and closed with brick

Another project

This is the type of chimneys that we had to  scaffold to repair chimneys, they were tuck pointed, cleaned and waterproof

Tuckpointing & Waterproofing

This home was tuck pointed, cleaned and waterproofed, all the mortar joints were ground  out and filled with new mortar, the tuck pointing matches the old," very important"    


Decorative Wall with Planter

 This home had a planter box that was to small, they wanted something in the front of there home, so this is what we came up with, it is built out of cinder blocks, capped with brick and a stucco finish on the outside of the block, they are very happy with the way it turned out, they now have potted plants etc, on the top, looks great