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What is a Top Damper?

In basic terms, a damper is a movable metal plate in a flue, used to regulate the draft and so control the rate of combustion. It opens and closes the fireplace flue. The flue is the inside part of the fireplace where smoke flows out. Unfortunately, the flue can also let heat out of the house as well as let water, wind, cold air, leaves, debris, animals and insects IN the house. So this is where a damper comes in. It is basically a door that you can open and close to let smoke out and keep other elements from coming in.

We install what are called “top dampers.” They are called such because they mount at the top of the chimney. They are needed when there is no damper, when the existing damper is unworkable, or when there is too much heat loss.

The benefits of a top damper are many. A top damper will completely seal the flue opening at the top of the chimney, it will prolong the life of your chimney by keeping the weather out, and it stops heat from escaping through the chimney. It will also keep leaves, animals and insects out. A stainless steel cable runs down the flue into the firebox and a handle is mounted. It is worked by pulling and releasing the handle. It is easier to use than a regular damper.

We use the best quality top dampers on the market. They are American-made, cast iron with a slanted top so the rain runs off.

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